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Racial Justice
Racism hurts everyone. The Color of a person’s skin reveals only one thing … the color of a person’s skin. The persistence and pervasiveness of racism and indeed discrimination of any kind, divides our community and keeps individuals from achieving success in education, economics, employment, and quality of life. It is our position that we can eliminate racism. YES WE CAN!!!

On April 25, 2014, over 2,000 organizations (more than 250,000 individuals) took a Stand Against Racism (SAR). 
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Help us in our fight to eliminate racism. For more information and/or to indicate your interest in our racial justice activities, please visit or email us at or call (914) 963-0640 ext. 110. There is strength in numbers!

Economic Advancement
JobPlus Program
Aimed at deterring homelessness and transitioning formerly homeless or chronically homeless women from public assistance to independence and long-term self-sufficiency, JOBPLUS provides support services including assessments, counseling, case management, job search, resume writing and interviewing skills. Referrals for benefits, training programs, internships, and work experience activities are also offered. Focusing on obtaining and retaining jobs that pay livable wages, the program helps women acquire vocational/job skills in order to become motivated and qualified candidates for available job openings.
Lifeskills Training
Life skills training comprehensively addresses critical life skills necessary for helping women obtain and retain housing, including money management and budgeting.

Health and Wellness

The secret to feeling well and living longer is staying active. Regular exercise can, not only prevent several diseases but also increases motivation, confidence and a general sense of well being. YWCA offers a program that provides health and wellness information, resources, and support to help you learn to be healthier and to motivate you to take the necessary action to protect and enhance your health. Opportunities to engage in physical activity/exercise are also offered.
  • Health and Wellness Seminars; A series of seminars providing health and wellness information and health tips that can improve your health and the health and wellness of your loved ones.           
  • Badminton - Accessible, Easy to Play and Fun!    


Badminton can be played and enjoyed by anyone, no matter the age, ability or fitness level. The fastest racquet sport in the world, it offers immense health benefits and improves all round fitness. It is a sociable game, that is excellent for cardio vascular exercise and weight loss and trains the body for endurance. A benefit of YWCA membership, all are welcome to join. Click here to complete a Membership Application Form. Call (914) 963-0640 ext. 100 for more information or to enroll.

Community Computer Center

With a goal of improving society by facilitating technology access to women, seniors, youth, children and indeed the entire community, YWCA’s Computer Center offers the community low-cost computer access and opportunities for instruction. The Center is a full computer lab equipped with up to date computers, high-speed internet access, and word processing software. Dedicated to bridging the digital divide … the gap between those with regular, effective access to technology and those without it, we provide a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment for those who want to learn more about computers and the Internet for personal enrichment, research or for job skills enhancement.

Community members are welcome to:

  • Take college or online courses, download and print
  • Register for instructor led technology classes (as available)  
  • Use the internet to do research
  • Self instruct utilizing YWCA’s or online software
  • Type and print documents
  • Access email
  • Scan or copy a photo.

The Computer Lab is generally open throughout the week except during reserved times for regular programming. Fees apply for printing.

For more information, send an email to or call (914) 963-0640 ext. 100

My Sister’s Closet
My Sister’s Closet provides new or gently used business attire and accessories at no cost to women seeking employment. Through career counseling, supportive services and the professional attire provided, the “Closet” seeks to help women develop the self confidence and self esteem needed to find a job and/or remain employed. Written referrals are required. Appointments are also necessary. For more information, call (914) 963-0640 ext. 102 or email
Community Food Pantry
The Pantry provides nutrition information and groceries on a supplemental or emergency basis to income eligible individuals. Distributions are made the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month between 1PM and 3PM. Written referrals are required. For more information, call (914) 963-0640 ext. 102 or email

Get Involved

Week Without Violence®

Each year during the third week of October, over 300 YWCAs across the United States and around the world sponsor activities, programs and public events to promote alternatives to violence in our society. The YWCA Week Without Violence® is a national call for people to live for one week without perpetrating, participating in, observing, or experiencing violence.

Leadership Development
P.E.A.R.L.® Program

The YWCA Child Development Center is a comprehensive and holistic child care program that seeks to lay a firm foundation to help children develop to their highest potential. Licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to serve 51 children ages 2 months to 9 years, the program offers full scale services that include an anti-bias curriculum, developmentally appropriate educational activities, three daily meals prepared on site and outdoor and indoor activities. The program operates all year round and is open Mondays through Friday from 7:30AM to 6:00PM.

Infant Program (age 2 months to 18 months): Children grow and develop in a warm, nurturing atmosphere that supports early development.

Toddler Program (age 18 months to 2.9 years): This component offers learning experiences based on child-centered interests, individual needs and developmentally appropriate curriculum design. Children participate in activities that promote self help skills, independence, positive social interaction, physical, cognitive and language development.

Preschool Program (age 2.9-5 years): This component includes structured learning to enhance school readiness. Enrichment activities including artist residencies, support and enhance the curriculum. Children participate in developmentally-appropriate, skill building activities that foster learning such as music, mathematics, science, art, computers and language and physical development activities.

School Age Enrichment Program (age 5-12 years):
Providing comprehensive opportunities for our community’s youth (ages 5 to 12) to empower themselves and optimize their potential, YWCA's Youth CAN (Challenge to Achieve Now) Program offers a variety of engaging enrichment, cultural, recreational and academic activities aimed at enhancing learning. The program supports the school curriculum and is designed not only to improve basic learning skills and competencies, but also to foster positive character building, increase self-esteem, enhance social group skills and ultimately increase academic performance and reduce school absenteeism and truancy.
Children engage in a wide variety of recreational and educational activities. The program operates Monday through Friday from 3:30PM to 6:00PM. All day care is also provided during school closings and holidays.

For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 116 or email . Click here to complete the Pre-application Form.

Summer Camp (serves children ages 5 - 12 years ): Licensed by Westchester County Department of Health, the annual YWCA Summer Camp serves children ages 5 through 12 years in July and August providing constructive use of leisure time during the summer months. Supervised by qualified adults, camp activities include dance, arts and crafts, computers, indoor/outdoor games, reading, swimming and a variety of field trips and community involvement exercises. ENROLL NOW for FY2014 Summer Camp!!!

For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 116 or email .

Supplemental Education School Age (Math) Program (SESAP)  

Approved as a supplemental educational services provider since 2004, this program offers tutoring and additional support necessary to develop mathematical confidence and competence in children. The program serves all children grades 1 through 12 through guided instruction, parental and school partnership, motivational activities, mentoring and peer tutoring. Children are taught to apply mathematical ideas and skills to a range of real-life problem-solving situations in order to help them become flexible thinkers who are comfortable with all areas of mathematics. This program operates during the school year from November - June, Mondays & Fridays (4-6PM) and Saturdays (10AM to 1PM).  

For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 110 or email

P.E.A.R.L® Program

In a safe, supportive and culturally diverse environment, and building on the strengths and positive values of youth, this after school program offers comprehensive training based on the P.E.A.R.L.® Curriculum components of Prevention, Empowerment, Academics, Recreation and Leadership. Services and activities offered aim to help girls age 13 to 18, develop critical skills that will enable them to become powerful leaders and effective advocates for change. While developing effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as promoting community advocacy, racial justice, and gender equity, the program helps girls acquire valuable leadership skills in order to become self-sufficient, self-confident, empowered, educated, independent, responsible, socially conscious, and culturally aware individuals. Program operates Mondays through Friday from 3:30PM to 6:30PM. For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 108 or email

Employment Training (ages 13 to 15)

YWCA also offers opportunities for youth to gain practical work experience by volunteering or performing community service at the YWCA. Fun and age-appropriate projects are designed to help youth discover their potential. Work ethics, responsibility and developing critical life-skills including confidence, motivation and self esteem are also appropriately addressed. A referral from a parent, school authority or a community agency is required. For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 106 or email

Counselor in Training Program

Designed specifically for youth ages 13-14 years, this leadership training program offers exposure to work and a work environment in order to help them prepare for the world of work through on-the-job training and education. CITs learn valuable life skills including good work ethics, responsibility, reliability, compassion, patience, and the concept of good citizenship and they increase their self esteem, communication skills. Candidates must be mature, have the ability and interest to relate to and work with children ages 5-9 years of age and be willing to take directions and accept responsibilities. For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 116 or

Girl Scouts (Girls ages 10 and Up)

In a unique, all girl setting, girl scouts learn to explore their individual potential, develop leadership skills, learn how to cooperate and work with a team and explore the benefits of working with each other for the betterment of the community.

Program operates Saturdays 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Phone: (914) 963-0640 ext. 100

YWCA of Yonkers continues to respond to women’s housing needs and has become a place of refuge and restoration that nurtures women’s spirit, gives them support and helps them and their families grow strong again, a place where they can find the hope they have lost when their strength has been tested.

Over the past century, YWCA has housed thousands of women, including college students who are now career women and victims of domestic violence who are now free from an abusive environment. We offer transitional single room occupancy with full laundry, kitchen and lounge facilities. With an integrated approach to transition homeless women into permanent housing, we provide job counseling & placement, employment training, life skills counseling, individual case management and referrals to supportive services. To a limited extent, we also offer efficiency apartments to accommodate women with special needs.

For more information, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 102 or email

Click here to complete an application for housing.

Click here to access Community Housing Resources


The Friendship Club - where seniors come in as neighbors but leave as friends!

The Club has become a place where seniors find friendship, a sense of community, education, travel, fun and lots more. The Club helps older adults enjoy life while accessing the help they need to live with dignity and independence.

Seniors age 60 and over meet daily to socialize and enjoy nutritious meals together, make arts and crafts, play games, learn computers among many other activities. Services assist senior citizens to maintain good health and overall well being, eliminate feelings of isolation and helplessness, and increase their self-esteem and sense of independence.

Activities and Services

Activities and services are developed based on input from the seniors served and are as diverse as the seniors served. Regular program activities include aerobics and exercise, bingo, movies, arts and crafts, music and computers, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and preventive care. Health professionals, visiting nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, lawyers, and other professionals visit the program regularly to speak with seniors about various issues of importance. They counsel as appropriate, answer any questions seniors may have, and generally serve as a resource for seniors.  For upcoming events see Calendar.

The Center serves as a vital resource center providing answers to almost any question or helping seniors navigate the sometimes confusing network of services available to older adults. We also provide referrals for available community services to complement on site services. Referrals include legal assistance, rent assistance, safe driving classes, blood pressure checks, and home health assistance.

Lunch is served promptly at 1:00PM. Field trips and celebrations with live music are planned throughout the year. Services are free although donations are requested to help cover the cost of operating the program. To guarantee lunch, it is recommended to call and reserve by 9:00AM.

The program operates Mon. - Fri., from 11AM to 3PM, but is closed on national and YWCA holidays. For more information or to enroll, please call (914) 963-0640 ext. 105 or email
Computer Classes for Seniors

Classes offered include
  • Intro to Computers: Hands on exercises to develop basic computer knowledge and skills.
  • Microsoft Word: Write letters, articles or recipes and easily edit them. Create a flyer, newsletter or start your own book.
  • E-mail: Communicate with family and friends around the world.  Exchange photos, letters, information, games and music.  Join discussion groups.
  • World Wide Web (www): Explore any subject: news, travel, genealogy, health, recreation, finance, hobbies, sports, arts, books, etc.  You can aslo find employment or volunteer openings, check movie listings, reserve library books or even track your investments and expenses and bank online.
The program operates Wednesdays from 10AM to 1PM.

All Classes are FREE! No computer experience is necessary.  Learning is Just a Click Away! 
For more information or to enroll, contact Mitzi Walker at (914) 963-0640 ext. 100
Cultural Activities

Cultural activities offered are open to the entire community. These currently include African Dance, Hawaiian Dance and Modern Dance. For more information call (914) 963-0640 ext. 100 or email

African Dance

Bokandeye African American Dance Theatre
Fridays, 6-9PM
Saturdays, 11-3PM

Founded by Anthony Wooden, former dancer/Artistic Director for the La Rocque Bey School of Dance Theater, Inc. and in operation for over 20 years, these African Dance classes are some of the best in Westchester. Bokandeye is a multi-talented performance troupe whose philosophy incorporates family, unity, peace, love and respect for all humankind. Dance classes are open to all individuals, ages 4-65 regardless of talent level ... beginners to advanced. All are welcome.
For a detailed schedule of classes or for more information, visit